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The deepest desires of my heart are not hidden from Him. #mondayrevelation #Heknowsme

5 months ago

Who knew November had such gorgeous sunsets? Excited for this season and everything it will bring. #fall #sunsets #November (at Midwestern University)

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|cloudless skies||autumn leaves||sunshine||falling back| these are a few of my favorite things. #autumn #leaves #fallback #vscocam

6 months ago

I know that Monday is over, but I’m doing #mancrushmonday on Tuesday so deal. This is my boyfriend (to be) Tyler Hoechlin. No filter necessary.

6 months ago

your eyes are ocean waves
but I am afraid
that you’ve convinced yourself
that you’re the only one who is ever going to
admire them,
and you’ve been swept up by the sea
and caught in a riptide
of insecurity.

you’re terrified
that everyone is going to
tell you they love you
way too soon,
so you run before they
even have the chance to feel it,
before you even have a chance to
want it.

and you can only fall in love with yourself
so many times
until you want to give yourself
a little bit more,
until you realize you deserve
another set of hands
to massage the tension from the
way you say goodbye.

you wear a warning sign
and write on billboards
to proceed with caution
when you see someone walking towards you.
you’ve given up on your
own ability to change
and your own ability to stay.

trust your feet to not run away
and trust their hands to brush your tears
instead of create them.
instead of keeping your mouth
shut because you’re afraid
every word you say
will lead to you running
the other way,
let yourself feel
and let yourself

you are ready.
you are ready.

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Stole this pic with the lovely bride! #nigeriantraditionalwedding #ovienmhadawedding2013 #ankaraprint

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Praise the Lord, they have country dancing in Chicagoland! #saddleup #vscocam (at Saddle Up Saloon)

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#tbt | “Where we love is home—home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

8 months ago

There are so many things in this life that God uses to remind me of his love. The sweetest of all are the people that he allows me to do life with. I loved galavanting around Portland with these two dear friends of mine. I will miss them dearly when I’m gone, but I’m thankful to have loved ones to miss. It’s better than the alternative if you ask me. |#undeservedgifts2013| @alyssarosewillia @allisonriscoe (at Pittock Mansion)

9 months ago
and my soul agreed.

Why so downcast, O my soul?

Have you forgotten who your King is?

What great power he has displayed

On your behalf?

It can be so easy to forget.

Especially when my eyes are low

looking for hope amongst the cracks in the sidewalk.

Down low, sorrow + despair flow with abundance

inviting me to partake of their blackened waters.

Pride + self centered-ness 

hold down my gaze

luring me deeper + deeper into their depths.

Why so downcast, O my soul?

Lift your eyes to God’s holy mountain!

Your King stands ready to save you!

With arms outstretched

he beckons

He pleads

"Look at my face!

Look into my eyes!

Come and taste, no,

drink your fill of my abundant joy.

Nothing down below 

is worth robbing you of the rich joy that I long

to pour out.

Continually filling up your cup

higher + higher,

fuller + fuller,


spilling over.”

And my soul agreed.

And with eyes opened

I looked up to the mountain of God.

Zion in all it’s beauty

was more beautiful still!

Because on it’s peak

stood the One from whom

my salvation comes.

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